Private Yoga Sessions are offered at Becca's office on Chestnut St. near downtown Asheville! 

I offer Private Yoga Sessions to individuals and small groups as a chance for people to learn skills they can use to manage their emotions and experiences in their daily life. These sessions are great for:

  • People who are new to yoga and trying to build a home practice.

  • Couples and small groups wanting to find a way to connect and practice together in a safe and comfortable setting.

  • Individuals who are working with their own therapist using EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, etc. and want to build a foundation within their body to support this healing process.

A lot of us do not get enough sleep and are trying to find better ways to manage stress so these sessions can be supportive to creating time to rest, recharge and renew the mind and body through Restorative and Gentle Yoga practices. 

HEre is a photo of the movement room where i hold private yoga sessions

HEre is a photo of the movement room where i hold private yoga sessions

Rates for Private Yoga Sessions

The work we do together is rich and powerful; it requires you to make investment in yourself financially and otherwise but as a result, you will develop sustainable inner peace and contentment.

  • Sessions (50-minute private yoga session):  $125.00

I do not currently accept private insurance for individual yoga sessions, so each session will need to be paid in full at the time of the session. Sliding scale options are available upon request. I can also coordinate care with your primary therapist, nutritionist, etc., ensuring that our work together compliments and supports your current treatment plan.

*It's important that you feel you have achieved enough physical and emotional stability to embark on this experience. Please obtain pre-approval from your medical doctor and, if relevant, your primary mental health provider before setting up a session.